Wingo located on the Sonoma Creek was known as Norfolk, a boat stop for passengers coming to and from Sonoma. Servicing also freight coming to Sonoma and the agricultural product from Sonoma being shipped to the Bay Area.
In 1876 Joseph S. Kohn began the Sonoma Valley Prismoidal Railroad, a monorail system starting at the steamship landing of Norfolk, travelling 3.5 miles towards Sonoma. Technical then financial troubles plagued Kohn and in 1879 Sonoma Valley Railroad was taken over by Peter Donahue and his San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad who laid narrow-gauge tracks towards Sonoma. At this time the name Norfork, the former steamboat stop, was changed to Wingo.
Wingo and its surrounding area has become a part of the Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area that is approximately 15,200 acres of baylands, tidal sloughs and wetland habitat. It is overseen by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
A music video was recorded in Wingo in 1991 by Roy Rodgers and Norton Buffalo